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January 2009 - Full Throttle Article

Happy New Year to all our two and three wheeling brothers and sisters.  I hope you had a safe and prosperous holiday season.

Let’s start off the New Year with some statistics that came out at the end of 2008.  There was a published article on “A Compilation of Motor Vehicle Crash Data from the Florida Crash Records Database.  This was done by Electra Theodorides-Bustle who is the Executive Director for the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  Motorcycle deaths remained exactly the same in 2007 as in 2006.  This is a positive thing considering there are more motorcycles on the road today and the number of registrations grows each year.

One of the missions of Abate of Florida, Inc. is to educate people through our M.S.A.P. (Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Program.  We want not only to educate people going through drivers education programs but also people who don’t ride now or may never ride or want to ride for that matter.  We want to reach out to them so they will realize that we are out there on our bikes.  Many people don’t understand that a motorcycle cannot do what a car or truck is able to do and do not realize the consequences of what can happen if they hit one of us.  I am asking you to take a moment and contact our Safety Director Lana Lang at abatesafety@bellsouth.net and set up a time that your business or organization will allow her to come in and offer our free presentation.  We must get out and show this program through out the state of Florida.  Think of the awareness it will bring to citizens of this state.  For those of you who sit there and do nothing after reading this remember if you have loved ones at home and you want to be a part of their life that depends on you.  YOU could be the one that makes the difference by helping us to do our safety and awareness program.  It could mean the life of your brother or sister.

The following are a few of our chapters up coming event that you may want to attend.

For those who love the Florida Keys and want something food related to do.  Join Southernmost Chapter on 1/25/09 from noon to 4pm at Coconut’s on Big Pine Key.  You can be a taster for $5 or enter your chili concoction into this event.  There will be prizes, contact Fred at abatefred@gmail.com

Gator Alley (Naples) 1/4/2009 Swamp to the City, 10am, meet at the Tiki Bar Cafe in Bonita Springs.  Last bike in at 3pm at the Iron Rhino Salon, Naples, Fl.  $10 includes a meal.  Contact Tina at 239-353-8026 or www.gatoralley.net

Daytona Beach Chapter – 1/17/2009 Sign up at 8:30 am at the Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach. Donations not required to participate. Contact Kenjholland@yahoo.com for more information

Estero Chapter 7th Annual Quarter Back Run on 1/18/2009 starting at 10am at San Carlos Country Club and ending at Mullock Creek Marina.  $10 per person includes dinner:  contact Renee at 239-994-0130

January 24th and 25th join us at the Full Throttle Expo & Bike Builders in Clearwater at Harbor View Center 300 Cleveland Street.  We will two booths there one inside and one outside, stop by and see us.

A big thank you to the chapters who had and supported all the holiday rides and events.  We had quite a few and I was able to attend Brevard Chapter’s.  You all did an incredible job on getting out and making a difference in people lives.

These are some of the Legislative Topics of the 2009 Session.

We are working on repealing the new motorcycle license tag law. Stiffer penalties for at fault injury or death of a motorcyclist.  Stiffer penalties for right-of-way violations the largest cause of property damage, injury or death.  Restriction of devices causing distraction while driving cell phones, text messaging etc.  Reinstatement of safety and awareness funding now considered available to spend in areas “other” then intended use.  Mandatory Driver’s Education Requirements Price protection on the required Motorcycle Rider’s Training Program to obtain the motorcycle endorsement and a Motorcycle Lemon Law.

Also the HIPPA Recreational Injury Technical Correction Act-US

HB1076/SB616 to help close the loophole and end medical

Discrimination against motorcyclists.

Many of you say that either you don’t know about ABATE or you wonder why you should join and become a member. If you enjoy your Freedom of Choice and you want to fight to keep your rights then your annual membership does just that.  We are a non-profit organization that is out here to support your rights.  If you are concerned about your future I would think it is worth $20 to join, otherwise don’t complain when your right to ride gets changed by our government and costs you a lot more.

Fill in the form below now and make a difference today!



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Ride Safe Ride Free